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Project Euler Problem 69

January 1, 2012

Project Euler Problem 69 solution is based on considerations taken from there and again capitalizes on infinite sequence of primes first time introduced in Problem 10 solution:

let rec primes = 
    Seq.cache <| seq { yield 2; yield! Seq.unfold nextPrime 3 }
and nextPrime n =
    if isPrime n then Some(n, n + 2) else nextPrime(n + 2)
and isPrime n =
    if n >= 2 then
        |> Seq.tryFind (fun x -> n % x = 0 || x * x > n)
        |> fun x -> x.Value * x.Value > n
    else false

let problem069() =
    primes |> Seq.scan (fun acc x -> acc * x) 1
    |> Seq.takeWhile ((>) 1000000) |> Seq.max

Thanks to laziness of sequence computation, performance is on sub-millisecond level. Also this is a good example of functional approach power, where we do not know and do not care how much of primes sequence would be required; we just provide the infinite sequence generator tied with separate pertinent completion condition thru a combinator.


From → F#, Project Euler

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