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Project Euler Problem 66

December 24, 2011

After some hesitation between Chakravala method for solving Pell’s equation and another one based on continued fractions I decided to base my solution of Project Euler Problem 66 on the latter as it allows to reuse what was already done when solving Problem 64 and Problem 65.

let floorSqrt = float >> sqrt >> int

let isSquare x =
    let sqRoot = floorSqrt x
        in sqRoot * sqRoot = x

let continuedFractionExpansion s =
    if isSquare s then
        failwithf "s = %d is a perfect square" s

    let a0 = floorSqrt s
    Seq.unfold (fun (d, m) ->
        let d = (s - m * m) / d in
        Some ((a0 + m) / d, (d, ((a0 + m) / d) * d - m)))
        (1, a0)
    |> Seq.append [a0]

let solvePellEq s = 
    continuedFractionExpansion s
    |> Seq.scan (fun (``h(n)``,``k(n)``,``h(n-1)``,``k(n-1)``) ``a(n)`` ->
                     ((bigint ``a(n)``) * ``h(n)`` + ``h(n-1)``,
                      (bigint ``a(n)``) * ``k(n)`` + ``k(n-1)``,
    |> Seq.skip 1
    |> Seq.find (fun (h,k,_,_) -> h*h - (bigint s)*k*k = 1I)
    |> fun (x,y,_,_) -> (x,y)

let problem066 () =
    (Seq.initInfinite >> Seq.skip 2) id
    |> Seq.filter (isSquare >> not)
    |> Seq.takeWhile ((>=) 1000)
    |> (fun x -> (((solvePellEq >> fst) x), x))
    |> Seq.maxBy fst
    |> snd

The solution is very straightforward and does not carry any F# specific techniques despite pleasant notation in lines 20-23 for reflection of recurrence when calculating convergents.
The solution is pretty fast delivering the result in 62ms on a mediocre laptop.


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