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Project Euler Problem 22

November 16, 2011

Project Euler Problem 22 solution is straightforward. The only auxiliary function needed is alphavalue that for any string calculates its alphabetic value. Names are stripped from whitespace, sorted, products of alphabetic value by position are calculated and finally added together:

open System.IO

let alphavalue (s: string) =
    s.ToCharArray() |> (fun x -> int x - int 'A' + 1) |> Array.sum

let readData (path: string) =
    use sr = new StreamReader(path)

let problem022 () =
    readData @"..\..\..\Datafiles\"
    |> (fun x -> x.Replace("\"",""))
    |> Array.sort
    |> Array.mapi (fun i x -> int64((alphavalue x) * (i + 1)))
    |> Array.sum

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