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Project Euler Problem 21

November 16, 2011

Solving Project Euler Problem 21 would require introducing a function divisorSum yielding for any natural number n a sum of its divisors. Equipped with this function we can define a function isAmicable that detects amicability of any natural number n. With this function we simply filter out all non-amicable numbers from the interval and sum amicable ones:

let divisorSum n =
    let divisors n =
            yield 1
            for i in (sqrt(float n)) do
                if n%i = 0 then
                    yield i
                    if i <> n/i then yield n/i

    divisors n |> List.sum

let isAmicable a =
    let pair = divisorSum a
    a <> pair && a = divisorSum pair

let problem021 () =
    |> Seq.filter isAmicable |> Seq.sum

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