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Project Euler Problem 4

October 7, 2011

Project Euler Problem 4 can be solved using the following steps of our solve approach:

  1. Sequence of all possible products of 3-digit numbers can be produced by making a cartesian product of all 3-digit numbers, where instead of two numbers their product is placed into the collection; then duplicates are excluded
  2. PassAll is used for select
  3. filter passes only those sequence members that are palindromic
  4. aggregator finds the maximal of such
open System

let allProducts l1 l2 = (fun x -> ( (fun y -> x * y) l2)) l1 |> List.concat

let isAnagram (s: string) =
    new String(s.ToCharArray() |> Array.rev) = s

let isPalindromic n =
    isAnagram(string n)

let problem004 () =
    allProducts [100..999] [100..999] |> Seq.distinct
    |> solve PassAll isPalindromic Seq.max

Or, without solve function the definition of problem004() would be

let problem004 () =
    allProducts [100..999] [100..999]
    |> (Seq.distinct >> Seq.filter isPalindromic >> Seq.max)

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