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Project Euler Problem 3

October 6, 2011

Project Euler Problem 3 from the select->filter->aggregate pattern standpoint is still fits perfectly:

first we need to factor the original number, and then just take greatest of its prime factors. No select or filter, just make a sequence of prime factors and then aggregate it by finding the max item in this sequence.

Factoring is implemented by the method that is taught in schools.

let primeFactors n =
    let rec factorize n f =
        seq {
        if n <= f then
            yield f
            match n%f with
            | 0L -> yield f; yield! factorize (n/f) f
            | _ -> yield! factorize n (f + 1L)

    factorize n 2L

let problem003 () =
    (primeFactors >> Seq.max) 600851475143L

Going forward solutions are to be in the form of a function taking unit and returning solution answer as a value of type ‘a to be invoked by a shared runner . Also all source code can be accessed now at


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