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Just another F# programming blog – why?

September 27, 2011

This endeavor is first and foremost for my own benefit. At the current point of my professional career I’m resting after few years of hyper-active development management activities being currently in a role of Architect and Senior Technologist. This is a good time for brushing up my hands-on developer skills and deep dive into recent technology advancements.

At the current moment among other things I feel a strong drive for mastering F# programming skills. Ironically, early in my professional career while working at academy R&D I had long and passionate relationship with programming language Refal that exposed me to functional programming and developed the adequate mind bend and taste to think functionally. As to F#, since my first exposure to this fascinating language back in late 2008 I was sporadically on and off picking random concepts and skills mostly by reviewing the code base produced by my dev team. Now I’ll try using F# on the daily basis systematically grasping skills needed for writing a high quality production code.

Regularly blogging on this process should allow me to stay on track and see the progress.

I will begin with grinding selected programming challenges (like ones from Project Euler) and sharing my F# solutions here. If these would be of use to anybody, or I would grasp something of value from others’ comments – it will be great!

While on Project Euler tasks I will be looking for generalizations, typical patterns, idiomatic ways of composition, and will blog on such as well.

Good luck to me! 😉


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